Press a button, play a chord on Magic Instruments’ digital guitar

magic instruments

90% of people who try to learn guitar quit in the first year. So when Brian Fan wanted to start strumming out lullabies for his baby daughter, he reinvented the instrument itself. Suddenly, a single finger on a button could replace four on different strings, and anyone could learn to play popular songs in a few minutes. Meet the Magic Instruments Rhythm guitar. It might look like a toy video… Read More

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Regulating drone airspace using ‘smart markets’

Commercial Drones

Commercially operated autonomous drones may be on the horizon, especially since Google and Amazon have announced plans to start drone-based parcel delivery in 2017. A policy problem is likely to follow: allocation of scarce airspace and preferred flight paths — an issue complicated by the need to ensure that each drone’s flight is safe and that each flight-path segment stays… Read More

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Apple’s WWDC will be held June 13 to June 17


Apple has yet to update its website, but we now know the dates of the next World Wide Developer Conference. When you ask Siri “when is the next WWDC,” Siri already has an answer for you. Apple will hold its annual developer conference from June 13 to June 17. This is in line with Apple’s previous conferences. The company will very likely present a bunch of new stuff during… Read More

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FLIR and Movidius create the smartest thermal camera out there


This morning FLIR Systems announced a new product—the Boson Thermal Core Camera. Regardless of product features, two things interest me about the launch of the Boson. One is the continued trend in miniaturization and its implications on interactive eyewear. The second is the fact that the Boson has a processor integrated directly into it. As a trend, this is called system-on-sensor. Read More

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